Transformer Protector

Transformer Protector

DMTC2 變壓器保護器(溫控器)

DMTC2-Transformer Protector


◆0.56" 4 digits high brightness red LED
◆Auto page-turning
◆3Units / 4Units winding temp. The 4th temp. is independent
◆3 Phase Winding temp / Avg temp / Max temp
◆Built-in RS 485 Modbus RTU output
◆3 stage protections for over temperature.:Alarm / Fan / Trip
◆Drives two 20A fans directly
◆Built-in high decibel buzzer with silent button
◆DC 4-20mA outputs (optional)
◆Time-setting for fan operation
◆The cycle of the fan operation is 0-255 hours
◆The duration of the fan operation is 0-255 minutes
◆Manual mode for fan operation: Press the panel key to start or stop
◆High isolation ability